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3D Religious Christmas Ornaments

For a unique spin on the average Christmas ornament, buy a few of these 3D ornaments. When spinning on the ornament string, you’ll get a complete 360 view of these gorgeous Christmas decorations. Each of these religious Christmas ornaments are hand-carved in Bethlehem, the Holy Land, from branches off an olive wood tree. The Giacaman family, who has been carving wood for generations, never chop down trees to make our olive wood ornaments.

For 3-dimensional angel, star, nativity, heart ornaments and more, EarthWood Products is your place to find a variety of religious ornaments at sale prices. Our angel Christmas ornaments are sure to inspire and remind you of the sentiment behind the holiday season. You’ll also love the star ornaments we carry, with a nativity scene engraved within the star itself. One-of-a-kind and unlike any other religious Christmas ornaments out there, this selection is perfect for gift-giving or tasteful tree decorating!