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Olive Wood Nativity Sets & Christmas Nativity Scenes

A crèche, or nativity set, is a tangible representation of the night of the birth of Jesus Christ, based on the narratives in the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke of the New Testament.  Historically, the first documented Christmas nativity scene emerged in 1223, a living nativity scene meant to remind the people near Greccio, Italy to place importance back on Christ during Christmas.  Soon, it became expected for all churches to incorporate one, or a few, nativity scenes around Christmas.

Now, more than 700 years after the first known manger scene took place, commemorating Christ’s birth by displaying a nativity is still common.  Many Christian families choose to buy an olive wooden nativity set from EarthWood Products because all of our wood nativity sets are hand-carved in the Holy Land itself, the same land that Jesus walked centuries ago.  We carry a diverse wood nativity scene collection – with both simple and highly intricate and detailed sets alike.

Our Christmas nativity scenes include the traditional 12 important figures that were present on the evening of Christ’s birth – the Holy family, the three kings, a shepherd, angel as well as various farm animals.  You can find more detailed olive wood nativity sets that include camels, which as described in the Bible, brought the Three Wise Men and their gifts to Jesus after birth.

For even more olive wooden nativity set choices, browse our Christmas grottos – many of them show the manger scene as well as other religious depictions.