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New Arrivals from EarthWood – Great Olive Wood Gift Ideas!

For year round gift-giving, EarthWood Products has a fine selection of sentimental and meaningful pieces from which to choose. The incredible craftsmanship is evident in every carving and detail on each of our olive wood items. Unlike mass-produced gifts and products from department stores, what sets EarthWood Products apart is their individuality. All of our olive wood rosaries, angles, ornaments, crosses and more are handcrafted and carved by a member of the Giacaman family in Bethlehem.

The Giacaman family uses quality olive wood branches, pruned and never chopped down, to craft their wooden masterpieces. With generations of woodcarving in the family, it is no wonder why every olive wooden angel, nativity and product we carry inspires. For really meaningful olive wood gift ideas, browse around these New Arrivals as well as our Inspirational Gifts page – we feature religious, memorable gifts that are sure to be cherished and coveted.