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Olive Wood Carved Figures & Christmas Grottos

The wooden figurines that we stock online at EarthWood Products are some of our most sought after items year after year.  Each Christmas grotto is hand-carved out of the finest olive wood in Bethlehem, a painstakingly detailed process that produces a completely one-of-a-kind wooden grotto.  Buying a Christmas grotto can help you remember to emphasize Christ and the importance of this holy day, rather than the non-religious associations with the day.

Another great advantage to these wooden figurines is that they can seamlessly integrate into your home’s décor year round, not only around Christmas.  The neutral and natural tones of the olive wood will match any color scheme and style of a space, while subtlety bringing in symbols of your faith.

Many of our olive wood carved figures are also considered nativity sets, because they show the traditional stable and manger scene, with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.  Browse around all of the Christian grottos we carry and find the grotto with the scene that speaks to you the most.  Whether it’s a simple, small carving of Jesus in a manger or a more meticulous set with the Magi, angels and other entities associated with Christ’s birth, we have the perfect wooden grotto for you!