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Handmade Olive Wood Ornaments

Look around EarthWood Products online for a vast selection of Christian Christmas ornaments.  Each handmade ornament is carved from the finest olive wood in the Holy Land of Bethlehem.  Not only does every olive wood ornament depict a sacred Christian symbol or scene, but is created from wood in Jerusalem.

The Giacaman family has been in the wood carving industry for more than four generations, and their expertise is apparent in each detail on every olive wood ornament.  Get Christmas trees, angels, nativity scenes and much more hand-carved onto these wood ornaments.

A handmade ornament makes the perfect gift for a Christian family member or friend, as it is a gift that is meaningful and will be cherished forever.  Our high quality olive wood ornaments start at just $3.50 and each come comes accompanied with the history and story behind the ornament written onto a scroll.